Why A Baboon?
Imagine If Baboons Had The Internet!
Our Troop of Baboons will nurture, care for and protect your brand .

The Social Baboon was named after one of the most social creatures in the world. Groups of baboons are called troops. Troops can be made up of dozens to hundreds of member with the largest troops made up of as many as 300 members.

Baboons groom one another, sleep together as a group, and protect one another.
We at The Social Baboon want to bring you into our “Troop” and look forward to the privilege of grooming your business and protecting your brand. We recognize the importance of the safety Baboons create and the dedication they have to one another to server the Troop and protect it as a whole.

You will find that we are different than the average Social Media Management company in that we focus on the importance of helping create a positive emotion or experience in order to assist you in scaling your brand to the level you desire. We engage people not electronics, analytics, trends, etc. You do business with people and so do we..

Tony Robbins is often quoted with saying; “Motion Creates Emotion”. If your company is stale, unfriendly, or non-engaging, you will have a lack of emotion which means your company has a lack of upward motion and most likely a downward motion. As in it’s failing and you’re going to be looking for a J.O.B. soon rather than doing what you desire.

Come join our Troop of Baboons and allow us the privilege of joining you in nurturing, caring for and protecting your brand. Through our efforts we can take you where you want to go.

Although we will take care of your Social Media needs, allowing you to do what you do best, we are looking for clients who are engaging, positive (even if that’s simply hopeful), and believe in themselves and desire to build a company for more than themselves. Are you striving for a higher goal that is not simply self-serving? If so, we may be a good fit for you and your company.

The reason we require this of those we join forces with is because when we are around negative people it gives us a negative emotion and that negative emotion will be carried on to others with whom we work and that is not what we desire. On the other hand, when we work with positive people that energy is translated to you and that’s the magic in our secret sauce.
If you are ready to build a Troop together give us a call and we can get started with looking at what you are currently doing or have done with social media, including a website, and what can be improved upon. Remember that just simply posting to social media in order to get your name out is not engaging. Many well meaning office staff will post regularly to social media but if they don’t engage with people and create excitement, security, and community with those who visit your social media sites, it can actually cause more damage than good.
Come Join Our Troop And Start Scaling Your Business!

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